After attending this workshop I have some new awareness of my relationship with emotions such as anger, sadness, joy, love and shame. I was guided into a space where I could observe for myself how my attitudes towards emotions has caused me unconsciously block emotions, and how the blocking of emotions has lead me to feel stressed and anxious.
This workshop has left me with a sense of relief and optimism for the future by showing me how I can make some positive changes in my life. Michael Langoulant.22/9/16

I have been working with Joe one-on-one, and have attended several of his New Leaf weekends. A humble, and deeply caring individual; Joe has contributed massively to my ability to deal with a life situation that ripped my world from under me. Through his gentle, yet powerful approach; I have been able to find my voice, find my way through the dark, and open new doors in my life that have profoundly affected me, my creativity, and my capacity as a professional. Thank-you Joe, for your unfaltering commitment, your care, and your humanity. Rachelle Walker 3/8/16

The New Leaf Workshop was an amazing experience. I’ve chosen to take part on more than one occasion, and each time I got more out of it than the last. Seeing people overcome emotional barriers that they had been dealing with all their life and overcoming some of my own has been some of the happiest experiences of my life.

I left the New Leaf weekend with a greater understanding and awareness of not only others but especially myself and learnt valuable tools to help me get through day to day issues and leave behind the emotional baggage that weighed me down. I believe everyone should spend a weekend with some amazing people and begin to experience life on a higher frequency of love and gratitude. The benefits of the weekend are already reflected by great improvement to my home, work and social life.

I can’t thank Joe and the other attendees enough – especially those that were there like myself, ready to finally overcome their own issues – and share those insights with me.

~Tyla Williams.

Experiencial Growth Workshop Weekend
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Joe is one of the most courageous and powerful men that I know. He is a superb facilitator and I can heartily recommend either working with him one on one or enjoying one of his workshops.

~Jeffery Muir

New Leaf Self Improvement personal growth Workshop Perth
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Joe has been instrumental in some of the most profound moments in my personal growth. Through his incredible attentiveness to subtle mannerism, shifts in energies and almost inperceptible changes I have noticed what a master of his craft he is. I’m honoured to know him and to have had his gift shared with me.

I honestly can’t recommend this workshop more highly. I promise that if your experience is anything like my own, the investment of your time will be repaid tenfold.

~ Dave B

Perth Anger Management Workshop
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