Car Maintenance And Mindfulness

What is this workshop about?

On the surface, it’s a Perth based workshop that teaches people how to keep their vehicle in a tip top safe roadworthy condition. Learning how to change their engine’s oil and oil filter. Learning how to change a wheel, check coolant and other fluid levels, check tyre pressures and get to know their vehicle a bit better.

On a deeper level,  it’s about self improvement through the driver of the vehicle. It’s about the application of mindfulness in a practical way. What is mindfulness? It’s the art of paying attention and taking action in a considered way. It’s about noticing what you notice about yourself.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone with a car who’d like to learn the practical stuff that perhaps no one has ever taught them and they’ve been too scared or ashamed to ask. Anyone that would like to learn some practical skills to keep themselves and their vehicle in good condition.

Groups are limited to six participants because of the hands on nature of this work.

What is unique about this?

It combines the practical skills of motor vehicle  maintenance with the practical skills of keeping the driver of that vehicle (you) in tip top condition.  And what else is truly unique is that your course facilitator is both a car mechanic and a calm mechanic.

What is the cost?

For a person and their car $250 for the half day workshop inclusive of oil and oil filter (for a standard vehicle up to 5 litres of engine oil), Any without a car that wants to take part and learn what they can is welcome to join us for $150.


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Car maintenance and Self maintenance workshop Perth 1 Before

Before workshop began

Car maintenance and Self maintenance workshop Perth 2 After

After workshop, a happy engine.Joe Douglas at his best - guided self improvement perth

Joe with said happy engine, photo by Phil, participant of pilot course.

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